Lose or gain weight.understand metabolism first

metabolism catabolic process

METABOLISM. UNDERSTAND IT BETTER: When people looking to  lose weight start researching their options and possible strategies, they always come upon the word “metabolism.” In fact, this word metabolism is so frequently used in weight loss plans, burning fat, programs and lifestyle modification systems that very few people stop and wonder what it truly means. It … Read more Lose or gain weight.understand metabolism first

Catabolism VS Anabolism


  catabolism versus anabolism is what most of us want to understand     learn about anabolism through Catabolic Metabolism process   Unlike Anabolism, This process of breaking down food into energy or breaking compounds into smaller, simpler compounds is called the catabolic process “catabolism”. This is a key part of your overall metabolism. Metabolism, … Read more Catabolism VS Anabolism