fitness trainer certification


  fitness trainer certification, is it necessary?   Is it worth getting a fitness trainer certification to start your career as a trainer ? A fitness trainer is a person who guides his or her clients on the fitness programs to which they enrol themselves and hence uses his or her own knowledge, skills and abilities … Read more fitness trainer certification

Pilates the person and the 6 principales

Pilates principles you should read about

  the Interesting history of an expert fitness trainer called Joseph Hubertus Pilates   Who is Joseph.P. and what are Pilates principles that everyone should know about People usually love reading. Reading interesting biographies of the affluent individuals. especially those who have reached several heights in their lifetime. so here is an interesting history behind a world- … Read more Pilates the person and the 6 principales

The Zone diet

adopt food zone diet

 Zone Diet in brief    The Zone diet is one of the popular diet programs that have been quite practised. As a part of the food program, one is supposed to eat proteins, carbs and fats in specific amounts that are 30%, 40% and 30% respectively. It is essential that the carbs included in the diet should … Read more The Zone diet


breast cancers types and cheks

What is breast cancer?   breast cancer happens when abnormal cells divide in an uncontrolled way. Most of this kind of disease start when genetic changes make one cell or few cells turn rogue in a person’s lifetime. Breasts cancers is basically a malignant tumour formed by the abnormal cells in the breast. It can … Read more BREAST CANCER