why you need buying a dog liability insurance

Why buying a dog liability Insurance?

Dog Liability Insurance, Why and When

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Why You Want to have a Dog Liability Insurance:

Dogs can be your friend when you are lonely and they can also be your security guard when it comes to security matters as they know who is wanted and who’s not welcomed within your homestead. Having a dog can be a liability at some point. This is because there are hundreds of cases reported every single day that related to either dog bites or other kinds of damages done by a done.

Liability is what we can describe as a problem that you will have to cater for and in most cases, it does involve financial settlements. It is because of such liabilities that you as the dog owners are encouraged to have a dog liability insurance cover. Dogs liability insurance simply cater to any kind of damage that occurs as a result of your dog.

It is not a common insurance cover simply because there are not so many insurance firms who are willing to insure dogs. This is because the risk involved is higher than what you would expect. Getting your dog cover can take you months before you finally find the right firm for this but at the same, it is truly worth it.

Why do we say so?

Well, think of it as an investment that has hidden benefits that you will get to experience in the least visible way possible. Some of the major reasons as to why you would like to take up dog liability insurance include the following.

The first reason as to why you want to take up this kind of coverage when you have a dog as a pet is to have the peace of mind that you need. This means that you will not have constant visits from strangers knocking at your doorstep to report damages caused by your dog.

Your insurance firm will be able to take care of all the cases thus giving you the time you need to take care of other more important things. The second reason as to why you would want to take up the dog liability insurance is for financial freedom. When your dog bites someone, dig up the neighbour’s yard or cause any other kind of damage to someone else, you can be requested to financially compensate the plaintiff. Most cases the amount in question can be too huge for you to settle it all by yourself and that is where your insurance firm will come in. Another reason as to why taking up dog liability insurance can be helpful is because you get to train your dog. Dog training is important especially when it comes to reducing its chances of getting you into trouble in terms of liabilities. Dog training is all about improving on your dog’s habits and about that its insurance coverage will go lower thus making it affordable.

What You Should Consider When Buying Dog Liability Insurance:

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Renter and homeowner insurance policy provides coverage for dog bite up to $100, 000. However, it is better that you go through your insurance policy to find out if there is any clause that provides for such coverage. But one fact that you should always bear in mind is that such coverage does not cover other related damages that may cause by a dog. You need to buy separate insurance coverage for a non-related dog bite.

There is the tendency for some pet owners to overlook dog liability insurance, but statistics have shown that claims made on dog-related incidence in the US are more than $1 billion per annum. To be on the safer side and to protect yourself against such claims, there is a need for you to buy dog liability insurance. If you are shopping for this type of liability insurance, there are certain things that you should look into.

Most insurance companies that offer this type of insurance policy are very smart and can include some clause in the coverage policy that will make the deal to sound good. But if you take a second look at the policy, you will spot out some loopholes. This is why you have to be very careful when you are shopping for your pet liability insurance. Here are some of the things that you should look into.

Does the policy exclude dog bites?

The first that you should find out is if the policy covers all dog bites or if it excludes some. Some people may take this for granted. A pet liability insurance policy can exclude dog bite or put clauses that will only honour claims for dog bites under certain conditions. So, if you take time to examine the policy, you will be able to find out if such things exist. Does the policy include all breeds of dogs? There are different breeds of dogs and these breeds of dogs differ in their size. Some breeds of dogs are more destructive than others and can inflict serious harm on any person they bite. They do not just bite but they also nip. Some pet liability insurance companies may exclude such breeds of dogs in their policies. It is your responsibility to find out if there is any exclusion of a breed of dog. It is better to buy coverage that does not exclude any breed of dog. Does the policy include household residents? Some insurance companies limit their pet liability insurance policy to the damages and bites on outsiders. People within the household are excluded from the policy. For example, if you buy such dog liability insurance policy and your dog bite your child, you cannot make any claim because the policy excludes that. by the way, this website is not a lawyer referral service. double-check to make sure. thanks for reading

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