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why Raw food diet is recommended by most nutritionists


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More and more people today are increasingly becoming health conscious. To stay fit and healthy, the first thing that comes to our mind is to follow a diet plan.
There are many types of diet plans available today depending upon your tastes and need. One such diet recommended by nutritionists is the Raw foods Diet. It has seen a sudden surge in popularity in recent years. So what exactly is this regimen and what kind of foods are included in it? As the name suggests the diet comprises of foods that are raw and unprocessed. Refined and pasteurized foods are also excluded from the diet plan.

Benefits of the regimen

Foods are considered excellent sources of enzymes that help in bodily functions from breathing to walking to digestion. Our body although has its own set of enzymes it also is equally dependent on the ones present in the foods. When heat or cook the foods the natural enzymes present in them get destroyed in the process. One of the most important advantages of this diet is that one can experience the benefits of the natural enzymes present in the foods. Some of the other benefits of following the diet include more energy, clear skin, strong hair and nails. Uncooked foods helps in maintaining the overall well being of the body by providing it with the necessary vitamins, minerals and fibre.

How to Follow this Diet

The rule of thumb to follow this form of food diet is to ensure that 75% of the food you consume in a day has to be raw. Primarily the diet that is of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. If you wish to add grains or legumes ensure that they are soaked or sprouted. There aren’t any set parameters to follow this aliment diet and it is more than eating fresh produce. One can even add sea vegetables, fish and even some meat and dairy products. List of foods that could be included in the raw food diet is as follows:
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Sprouted grains and legumes
  • Cold pressed olive oil and coconut oil
  • Raw eggs, meat or fish in moderate quantities
  • Nut Milk
Processed foods like cookies, bread, pasta, refined sugars, canned juices, table salts, refined oils, alcohol, chips and other processed foods should be completely avoided.

Pros and Cons of the uncooked food Diet

This diet has both positives and negatives. Since the diet consists of mainly fresh fruits and veggies, it is high in nutrients and fibre. The food is not processed and does not have any added sugar hence is low in calories. This facilitates a good amount of weight loss as well since the calories consumed are restricted. It is both an advantage as well as a disadvantage because the diet might become nutritionally unbalanced due to calorie deficiency. In addition, the body may not get the required amount of proteins. Cooking sometimes makes the foods more digestible and helps the body in absorbing certain nutrients and anti-oxidants. This is something that this regimen lags. The diet has its own set of advantages and disadvantages but it is always advisable to consult a dietician before starting one. If the raw food diet is not your right one, you can check the list below for more ones.
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