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How to Create a Winning Physical Fitness Plan.


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It’s easy to see why people get excited about physical fitness plans. You probably have at least one friend who lost a lot of weight. Don’t they look younger? Does it seem like they’re more vibrant or energized?.

You probably are green with envy because you know these people well. You know that they used to be very overweight. They were not very physically active. They lived totally sedentary lifestyles, and here they are at the peak of their physical form. In fact, a lot of them look several years younger than their biological age. Wouldn’t you want to enjoy the lifestyle that they achieved? Unfortunately, it’s one thing to desire something; it’s another to actually achieve it.

You probably don’t need me to share that very basic truth with you. However, my point in emphasizing the disconnect between physical fitness wishes and hopes with the reality of the discipline required in physical aptitude is that I want to push you towards a solid plan. Make no mistake about it if you are just imagining yourself engaging in some sort of fitness program, you probably are just wasting your time.

Seriously. You’re basically hoping and wishing to get the benefits of physical fitness without actually putting into play the kinds of changes you need to go through to achieve physical fitness. This is why a lot of people get excited at the beginning of the year. They make all sorts of New Year’s resolutions. They get all pumped up about going to the gym.

Well, this lasts at most a few weeks until reality sets in. The harsh reality is that most people did not get around to committing to their fitness plan enough to write it down. According to several studies, the simple act of writing down your New Year’s resolution helps increase the likelihood that you would carry these resolutions out and benefit from them. In fact, according to some estimates, simply writing down a New Year’s resolution increases its likelihood of happening by 400%. Imagine that! Accordingly, you need to stop thinking and hoping for physical fitness and start planning for it. These are two totally different things. Here’s how you do it. Be Clear on Your Physical Fitness Goals The first thing that you need to do is to be clear as to the range of benefits that you expect from your physical fitness plan. What exactly are you looking for?.


Are you looking to simply lose weight?

putting your fitness plan for a physical fitness goal

Are you looking to increase the amount of carrying strength or physical strength you have? Are you interested more in being able to physically exert yourself for a much longer time? Do you want to run the distance? Do you want to handle a lot of physically demanding activities over an extended period of time? Are you looking to look better? Are you interested in physical fitness because it acts as some sort of anti-ageing program? Would you like to look less dumpy and chunky and more cut and toned? Are you looking to get the most out of your daily physical activities? These are different goals. Be clear about the specific benefits you want from your physical aptness plan.

Understand that it’s okay to expect many different benefits. What’s not okay is when you assume that you will get all these amazing benefits without being clear as to what they are and why you are interested in them. By simply choosing to be clear in the many goals that underlie your physical fitness program, you go a long way in ensuring its success. Keep Other Goals in Mind Please understand that benefits involving physical appearance are definitely valid, but you should also keep in mind that increasing your physical activity through a fitness routine involves other benefits. These are emotional and mental in nature.

Just because they’re not physical doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re less important. Believe me, if you become more disciplined due to your physical fitness plan, you actually pave the way for greater success in your life. You probably already know that success in many areas of your life requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline.

When you adopt a physical fitness plan, you build up discipline because you show up at the gym regardless of what you’re feeling. You pump weights regardless of whether it is snowing or raining or it’s sunny outside. You engage in exercise regardless of your schedule. That requires discipline, and the more you exercise your self-discipline, the stronger it gets. You’re able to commit greater and greater things, and this can translate to a wide range of benefits in all areas of your life. We’re not just talking about physical fitness. We’re also talking about mental and spiritual fitness here. Another goal you should consider is your adoption of a healthy routine. When you engage in physical exercises activities on a regular basis, you’re not just adopting physical habits. You’re also boosting the number of healthy habits in your life. Be clear on these goals so you can put together the basic framework of your  plan.


Picking a physical fitness plan.

plan before you start


Once you’re clear on the goals you have for your physical fitness project, the next step is to pick a specific  plan. You can’t just say that you want to lose weight and jump in with both feet. You can’t just show up at the gym because you want to be more disciplined and you want to lose fat. You must do something first. You must pick a program.

To answer correctly, you have to ask yourself how much time do you really have? Do these fit your goals? Now, a lot of people would think that this is obvious. It isn’t.

A lot of people are assuming that this is an easy question to answer because they assume all sorts of things about the actual amount of time they have. Well, it turns out that, in most cases, they’re actually assuming that they have more time than they really have. Your program choice has a direct impact on how well you achieve your fitness goals. For example, if your main objective is to improve strength and achieve weight loss, you probably would need to adopt a weight-training program. Not only do you lose weight with this fitness program as you do it, but you also lose weight in your buff time. Your body burns up a lot of calories to repair muscle tissue, and this can lead to better weight loss.

Unfortunately, most strength and weight-loss fitness programs require quite a bit of time. There’s a moderate time requirement here. If you’re a very busy person and time is a luxury, you might want to think twice about this type of fitness plan. If you don’t have much time but need to maximize weight loss and strength, there is an alternative you can take.

This physical fitness plan requires very little time, however, you have to commit to a higher level of intensity. This is called the high-intensity interval training fitness plan. Whether you’re doing cardio or weight training, it doesn’t really matter. It uses the same basic philosophy. According to this fitness plan, you give yourself a short period of time and then you chop up that time block into equal parts. You then alternate between extremely high-intensity workout and total rest. In other words, you stop during these rest intervals. Your main benchmark is either physical discomfort for weight training or running out of breath for cardio training. Regardless of the type of training you use, your benchmark is the intensity level of your workout. You’re not using pounds to measure pressure. You’re not focused on distance for cardio exercises. Instead, your main guide is intensity. A lot of people report amazing results with high-intensity interval training fitness progress. The good news is you can ease into this. You don’t have to devote a huge time block. In fact, you can benefit really well with a seemingly small amount of time. You just have to stick to the schedule and commit to the high-intensity energy output such programs require. To ensure your success when adopting a physical fitness plan, make sure that it fits your lifestyle, your goals and your schedule. If you consider all three factors correctly and fit them into your plan, you have a likelihood of achieving success.


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