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Remember, Bodybuilding is not just for cosmetic effect. If you spend a lot of time at the gym getting your body’s muscles to look good, you are actually investing in your overall health. In particular, you are improving your muscle mass, and this can lead to optimal health all around. Make no mistake about it, when you engage in bodybuilding, both in terms of supplementation as well as proper workout exercises and other health-boosting regimens, you are actually investing in your overall muscular system’s health. This ensures that you continue to get the health benefits muscles to bring to the table. Muscles provide structure. They enable you to move. They help you burn calories. They also help protect you against obesity. Also, they play a role in insulin sensitivity. By taking good care of your muscle groups, you decrease your internal age. The ageing effect that your internal organs go through is minimized. Finally, by taking care of your muscle mass, you can go a long way in preventing bone loss.


Muscles Wasting Leads to Obesity:


Make no mistake about it, if you don’t pay enough attention to your muscles and keep them in good enough shape, they won’t be able to store enough sugar. They won’t be able to facilitate highly efficient and effective sugar burning processes. As a result, the only thing they can do is to pump up insulin, which then shoves or pushes the blood sugar floating around in your system into your fat cells. Insulin is bad news. There, I said it. If you’re trying to lose weight, insulin is your personal kryptonite. Why? Not only does it push the sugar compounds in your bloodstream to your fat cells, but it also locks down your fat cells so your body cannot burn up that stored fat for energy. You lose on both ends. Unfortunately, if you don’t put enough strain and pressure on your muscle mass, this leads to muscle wasting, which can lead to bad or inadequate sugar storage, which can then trigger higher insulin levels, which lead, finally, to obesity.


Age Wastes Your Muscles:

Let me tell you a very important piece of information. If you think you can get away with eating the same amount of protein, milk and other muscle-building compounds at the age of 50, as you did at the age of 20, you are going to be wasting muscle. A lot of people hang on to their old diets and lifestyles, and this is why they are unable to metabolize sugar well enough in their older age. This leads to tremendous inflammation, which exacerbates ageing effects. Your chronological age maybe 50, but it turns out that your internal organ age is like that of a 65-year-old. This is due primarily to muscle wasting. You have to be very careful about how you eat because your muscle requirements change as you age. You are less able to synthesize protein in an effective way as you age. Accordingly, you need to compensate for that fact by increasing the amount of protein you take in every single day.

Good Muscle Mass Prevents Bone Loss:

In addition to compensating for a lowered protein intake to optimize muscle tissue growth and maintenance, you need to also pay attention to bones. Your muscle mass does play a big role in whether you lose bone tissue or not. You probably don’t need any further explanation as to why the bone loss is a bad thing. If you’ve seen elderly women in their 80s, a lot of them are hunched over and look like they’ve shrunk half a foot. Osteoporosis is no joke. Osteoporosis is the bone loss, which is also linked to muscle mass loss. Do yourself a big favour and understand that as you age, your muscle requirements change over time. You have to adjust your diet accordingly so you don’t lose muscle mass, which can lead to all the problems listed above.


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