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How do muscles play into sex, and what is pc muscles?:

Well, it’s very easy to restrict or stereotype the necessary muscle input in the form of one particular muscle. I am, of course, talking about the male genital organ. But this is just one part of the equation. While you need to overcome erectile dysfunction, as well as stamina and rigidity issues, you have to also look at the greater overall health picture. Your muscles, whether we’re talking about your neck, back, chest, leg, hip, butt and other types of muscles, must be healthy overall. Remember, you’re delivering a total package. You’re trying to put on a good performance. Not only do you have to be sending the right mental and emotional signals, but your faculties have to be in tip-top shape. You have to be in great physical shape. You have to have the right equipment in the right state of repair. This requires health.


A lot of people think that you just need to load up on Viagra or some ED alleviating medication and you’re good to go. Talk about missing the forest from the trees. It’s like going to a battle having a good gun, but being unable to steadily aim it or being able to aim it at the right time, at the right place. Sure, you might be satisfied with the results, but all bets are off as far as the experience of your partner goes.

Remember, sex is a two-way street. Both of you have to be excited about it. Both of you have to get something fundamentally pleasurable out of it. In other words, it has to be memorable. And unfortunately, focusing on just a certain muscle is not going to ensure that you are going to be truly up to the job.

Overall Stamina is an Issue :

It’s one thing to hit it, it’s another to hit it in the right place at the right time and to hit it consistently. This is the essence of stamina. A lot of guys confuse sex as simply just like a ‘one and done’ or a ‘one time, big time’ kind of exercise. Now, I’m sorry, but if you go about sex that way, you are really being selfish. That’s putting it politely. Not to mince words here, but you’re just being a cat. A lot of guys, sadly, are cats when it comes to the bed. They’re just looking for that quick payoff. They’re looking for that burst of pleasure, and they really couldn’t care less what their partner is feeling. They just want to get what they came for, no pun intended. So the whole focus here is on orgasm. In fact, a lot of guys brag about being able to climax with as little stimulation in as little time as possible. It’s all about them, it’s all about their pleasure, and ultimately, it’s all about what they get out of sex Well, I’m telling you, it is a two-way street. Both of you have to get something out of it. It has to be a win-win situation. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if your partner doesn’t invite you to the party again. That’s right, she would not want to have sex with you again because it’s going to be a very shallow, fleeting and ultimately, unrewarding experience. You have to understand that the world works on a very basic principle: to get what you want, you have to get other people what they want. And this is where proper muscle health comes in because you have to be able to keep at it to stimulate her for a long enough period of time for her to get what she wants from sex. Here’s a simple rule: when it comes to sex experience, just like when it comes to customer service in general, ladies must come first. Keep in mind that the word “come” must be spelt both in “come” and “cum.” If you’re able to do that by boosting your stamina, you will be able to give her what she came for. This ensures that, at some level or another, the experience is positive enough for her. Both of you have to get something out of it. Don’t just focus on what you need. Don’t just focus on getting what you need in as little time as possible. It’s not about you. It’s about both of you.

Muscles Help Boost Overall Power:

Now, stamina is great. Make no mistake about it, when it comes to making a woman feel great, you have to put in the time. You have to remember, they are wired differently than men. Some men are able to climax at the drop of a hat. That’s just the way biology works because when it comes to basic biology, the male sexual system is based on volume. It’s all about spreading your wild oats far and wide as often as possible. Not so with females. With females, they only have a fixed number of eggs, and their whole biology is based more on selection and quality. Accordingly, their sexual response also requires quite a bit of an investment of time in proper stimulation. Now, you can achieve a shortcut with this by eating her out. Cunnilingus. But that shortcut can only go so far. You also have to present the total package, and this requires power. You have to hit the right spots with enough energy and enough force. There is such a thing as a G-spot. It’s not a myth, it’s not a legend, it’s real. What makes it so frustrating is that it shifts location. If you’re lucky enough to find it on your woman on Day 1, chances are, by the time you do it again on Day 2, it has shifted locations. Now, this really highlights the need for trust in your relationship because if you really care about her, you would put in the time, effort and energy to look for that shifting spot. You really couldn’t care less that it’s shifting because you care enough about her and her pleasure that you will put in the time, effort and energy to look for it and nail it every single time. A G-spot not only needs proper stimulation once you have found the right location, it also requires the right amount of pressure. This is where overall power comes in, and you have to be in tip-top muscle shape for you to deliver that kind of power. It’s not just the tip of one particular muscle. It’s also the muscle group around your hips and around your abdominal muscles. You also have to support yourself in different positions to fine tune and maximize her pleasure. Think of it as yoga. When you’re doing different yoga stances, you put different pressures on your muscle groups.

Sex-Specific Muscles:

Now that we are done with generalities, there is one sex-specific muscle group that you really need to fine tune if you want to maximize your partner’s pleasure. This is called the PC muscles. Its full name is Pubococcygeus muscle. The PC muscles is actually very easy to access. Whenever you’re urinating and you’re trying to force as much liquid out of your bladder as possible, you’re putting pressure on your PC muscle. I wish that I could tell you that it’s one specific muscle, but it isn’t. It’s actually a muscle group. This muscle area consists of the muscles around and in your genital area, as well as to the area near your anus. Be mindful of how well you work out this muscle when you are controlling urination, for example, because if you exercise this properly by restricting it and relaxing it throughout the day, you can maximize tension. The great thing about this muscle group is that it’s completely hidden. People can’t tell if you’re in the library reading and preparing for class, that you’re working out your PC muscle. People are completely clueless about it. It would look like you’re just reading a book, but it turns out that you are maximizing tension and training your PC muscles for controlling your orgasm. Now, why is climax control so important? Well, you have to understand that since intimate activities are essentially mental in nature, anticipation plays a big role. And if you were to fine-tune the rate at which you reach that stage and you communicate this with your partner, both of you can fine-tune the release of pleasure until it reaches an explosive level. Think of it like throttling the engine of your car. You can step on the gas, and this can, of course, lead to acceleration, but fine-tuned engines use a throttling dynamic where, by releasing small bits of energy, it leads to explosive surges. This can be mind-blowing when it comes to sex. By exercising your PC muscles and also ensuring that your muscles are in proper shape for overall power, overall penetration, area targetings, and improved stamina, you go a long way in truly delivering the kind of experience both of you would keep remembering.

Holistic Muscle Workout:

So how exactly do you prepare for a very memorable night with your partner? It helps to work out your whole muscle mass. Work out your arms for proper support. Get enough cardio for maximum stamina. Make sure your glutes or butt muscles are in proper shape for maximum power and thrust. This doesn’t mean that you have to be some sort of Greek god, okay? That doesn’t mean that you have to camp out at the gym to be the perfect specimen of male muscular physique. What it just means is that you have the proper physical components ready. This doesn’t absolve you or free you from your responsibility of creating and staying in an emotional connection with your partner.

The Real Secret:

So with the physical stuff out of the way, what is the real secret to memorable physical intimacy that both of you will continue to remember for a long time to come? The real secret is the emotional connection. Be at that moment with her. That is what really makes this activity, with all its automatic physical responses, a mostly mental and emotional one. It is also what will give sex its real meaning and value should you now care about PC MUSCLES ??? :).

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