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Well, it is clear to all of us that a calorie is a unit by which we measure heat and food. calories are not the food themselves, nor the heat. It is just a unit. So, knowing needed calories per day is extremely important. Some need to calculate calories to lose weight, others do it to gain weight, or for diet recipe… and so on. Whatever the reason is, calculating calories involves a certain degree of math. In this article, we are going to make it as simple as possible, either by learning and calculate it yourself or using the free app.





No one can ignore the vitality of foods and water in our daily life. But most of the people still ignore the number of calories in water, the answer may sound a bit shocking if I tell you that this substance contains “0” calories. And when you drink 1 litre of water during a day you are supposed to burn 50 calories. So, there is no surprise when you hear that water can help to lose weight. You can go for this diet if you really know how to calculate calories.

But when it comes to foods, things ask for more attention. Knowledge of how it should be calculated has very supreme importance. A slice of bread is now no more a slice of bread. You will sooner or later call it 100 calories of bread.

Calories: how it is determined:

Here is a simple explained manner of how it is determined: the food burned in the bomb calorimeter has been demonstrated to give off the same amount of energy and heat as when oxidized “burned” in our bodies. When one pound of water is raised 4 degrees temperature “Fahrenheit”, the measure of warmth utilized is promptly picked as the unit of warmth and is known as the Calorie.

Estimated Measures:

1 oz. Fat = 275 C. —about 255 in the body.

1 oz. Protein (dry) = 120 C. —about 113 in the body.

1 oz. Carbohydrates (dry) = 120 C. —about 113 in the body. (ROSE.)

Would you be able to see now why fats are important? Why they make fat more than some other food? They emit more than 2 and ¼ times as much heat as the other foods.

Now, what is calorie?

The calorie is generally known by its symbol “C”. It is a heating unit, also a food value unit. This symbol is not the end or the goal. It is just a mean by which we measure. And you are looking for the required calories per day.

Well, let me tell you that the calories required per Day for normal people rely upon their age, their weight, and their physical activities; the babies and also the growing kid needing more calories per pound per day than the adult, who has got to provide solely his energy and repair want.

The aged need still less than the young adult. on weight; overweight people would like too very little.

When it comes to physical activities; the more active, the more calories required, for each movement consumes calories. What most of the people ignore!!! The Maine lumbermen, for instance, when operating throughout the winter months, consume from 5000 to 8000 Calories per day. however, they are doing an incredible quantity of physical work.

Mental work doesn’t need additional nourishment. This has been tested, and if an excess is taken over what’s required at rest “if significant exercise isn’t taken during doing the mental work” the work isn’t therefore well done.

Calories needed for traditional Per pound per day

Infants need 40-50 C.

Growing youngsters 30-40 C.

Adults (depending upon activity) 15-20 C.

maturity needs fifteen or less C.

In round Numbers for the Day kid 2-6 one thousand to 1600 C.

Calories per day kid 6-12 1600 to 2500 C.

Youth 12-18 2500 to 3000 C.


 Growth Demands :

MAN  per day: If at rest 1800 to 2000 C. inactive 2200 to 2800 C. operating 3500 to 4000 C.

lady per day: At rest 1600 to 1800 C. inactive occupations (bookkeeper, etc.) 2000 to 2200 C.

Occupations involving standing, walking, or toil (general housework, etc.) 2200 to 2500 C.

Occupations requiring strength (laundress, etc.) 2500 to 3000 C. (ROSE.)

Example of Finding the number of Calories required:

how much calories per day you need

1. confirm normal weight by rule. 2.

Multiply traditional weight by the number of calories required per pound per day.

for instance, say you weigh 220 or one hundred twenty-five lbs., however, by the rule for your height your weight ought to be a hundred and fifty lbs.; then a hundred and fifty would be the amount you’d use. work out Your needs By the rule I even have given,

adults need 15-20 Calories per pound per day, relying upon activity.

for instance, if you have got no physical activities, then take the lowest figure, 15. 150×15—2250. Therefore, your demand, if your weight ought to be a hundred and fifty, is 2250 Calories per day.

Now, if you would like to lose, cut down 500-1000 Calories per day from that. 5 hundred Calories equal around two ounces of fat. 2 ounces per day would be about four pounds per month or forty-eight pounds per year.

surgical procedure one thousand Calories per day would equal a discount of roughly eight pounds per month or ninety-six pounds per year.

These pounds you’ll completely lose by having information about food values (calories) and regulation your intake consequently. you’ll currently see the importance of information of calories.

1 lb. fat 4000 C 1/2 avoirdupois unit. fat 2000 C 1/4 lb. fat one thousand C 1/8 lb. fat five hundred C If you would like to achieve, add bit by bit 500-1000 Calories per day.