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Can You Really Lose Weight Doing Butt Workouts? 


butt workouts

Make no mistake about it. The moment you say that you do butt workouts the right way, people can’t help but snicker or even laugh at your face. In the minds of too many people, butt exercises are not really workouts. They think that it’s something extra. In fact, a lot of women think it’s just vanity. Some are even under the impression that people who do butt exercises want to be the next Kim Kardashian.

This is not true because regardless of how you cut it, butt workouts are still workouts. There’s still a tremendous amount of muscle strain, blood pumping and internal temperatures involved in these types of workouts. The bottom line is they do produce the results that people are looking for: leaner muscle and a lot of calories being burned.


Doing butt workouts, burning a lot of calories


Just so you can get a holistic view of butt workouts, let me break it down for you. You have to understand that for people to lose weight, the number of calories they take in must be exceeded by the calories that they burn. This is the iron law of weight loss. There’s no getting around this. It all boils down to this in some manner or form. There many different ways to achieve this but it really all boils down to this. The number of calories you burn must exceed the number of calories you eat every single day. Butt workouts boost your calorie burn rate. It works on that end of the equation. The best part to all of this is that it’s a very public way or very visible way of losing weight. Here’s how it works.

Active Calorie Burning During:

Actual Butt Workouts When you’re doing butt workouts, you’re actually burning a lot of calories in the middle of your workout. How does this happen? Well, you’re breathing faster, your body’s pumping blood to all areas of your body, you’re burning up more oxygen, there are all sorts of chemicals being released. As a result, your internal body temperature is much higher and this leads to a tremendous amount of energy being expended during your workout. Your body has to get this energy from somewhere and usually, it gets it from blood sugar. However, once that is depleted, it starts burning fat. That’s right. Your spare tire in your midsection, that starts to go the moment your body runs out of blood sugar.

Enjoy Passive Calorie Burning After butt workout

The great thing about butt workouts is that they continue to give long after your work out. That’s right. After you’ve stopped huffing and puffing at the gym, your body is still burning calories. Why? When you put a lot of strain and pressure on the muscle mass that makes up your butt, millions of tiny microscopic tears or wounds are created in the muscle tissue. This is not as bad as it sounds. Sure, you’re probably going to be sore in your butt but that is a small price to pay considering what’s going on. There are millions of small muscle tears as your muscles break down and reconstitute itself. As you can tell, this process requires a lot of energy. It requires energy to break down and also requires energy to build back up. As your system heals, this requires a lot more calories. Your system starts to settle down hours after you work out but the repair activities of your body lead you to burn up even more energy. Your cardiovascular system enjoys widened blood vessels. This leads to more blood circulation and this heightened level of blood circulation requires more energy to maintain. The bottom line is actually quite simple. With butt workouts and any other type of weight training that you do at the gym, your body benefits on many different levels. You burn calories immediately, you also burn calories throughout the day, and this leads to profound changes in your overall blood flow if you sustain your workout regimen.


The best part about butt workouts is that they make you look good. Your butt starts getting trim but maintains its shape. In fact, if you do it right, your butt gets that nice well-toned look that is really hard to fake. A lot of people think that a big butt is automatically attractive. Absolutely wrong. It has to have the right shape. It has to be toned. Otherwise, it’s just a flabby ass. Do yourself a big favour and start looking great and burn more calories by doing butt workouts. It doesn’t take too long to do but it definitely can make a big difference.


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