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What are the safest  Bodybuilding Supplements?

One of the frequent questions that come up to the mind when it comes to muscle building, is what supplements to take to gain muscles in a very safe way? do not worry. We already asked the question on your behalf and then brought the answer to you.

In this article, we have chosen the eight safest bodybuilding supplements that you will ever need. But before going any further, please do have a clear idea about what you are trying to experience.

First. Make no mistake about it, building up your muscle mass is no joke. It takes mindful eating to get the proper mix of fat and protein to get you on the way to a well-defined physique. Good looking bodybuilding physiques do not happen by accident. They are not the results of random luck. Instead, you need purposeful and insightful planning to achieve the kind of muscle growth; muscle definition and mass that would make you stand out in any kind of bodybuilding competition. Even if you’re not competing, if you want to impress people with your physique, please understand that you need to be very mindful of the chemical inputs  “bodybuilding supplements” for your body. Ideally, you should be able to provide these biochemical inputs through your diet. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. People are busy, people live stressful lifestyles, and it’s very easy for us to lose sight of the things we should eat and the activities we should be engaged in and just focus on the things that we feel we must do. So with that in mind, it’s a good idea to include supplementation in your bodybuilding regimen. By having a clear idea of what these bodybuilding supplements are, how they work, and how they help you get the physique you’re looking for, you can go a long way in achieving effective, high-quality muscle gains in as little time as possible. Keep in mind that this requires a tremendous amount of attention to detail. You also need to be disciplined in doing this. Finally, you also need to give it some time. While proper supplementation enables you to achieve your goals sooner rather than later, you still have to wait to a certain degree. You still have to be patient at some level or another.

The 8 safest supplements

#1 Whey Protein SUPPLEMENT


If you visit nutrition stores or bodybuilding supplement stores, you probably will quickly notice the large cases or large plastic bottles of whey protein. You can’t miss them. They’re too big. They take up a lot of shelf space. They take up a lot of real estate. This ubiquity is not an accident. The reason why they stand out and why they take up so much space is because they are truly important. Make no mistake about it, if you want to get buff and build up your muscles for optimal bodybuilding results, you need to load up on protein.

Protein is crucial because it supplies the amino acids that your body then synthesizes into protein, which it then uses to build muscle. That’s how it works. You eat protein, your body breaks it down through your digestive processes, you then get the nutrients that your body then slowly turns back into the muscle. Sounds good so far, right? Well, don’t just jump in with both feet. Don’t think that all proteins are one and the same. No, they’re not.

Your body breaks down different types of protein in different ways. Also, different protein types also have different amino acid profiles. It may well turn out that the protein that you’ve been eating does not have the right profile and you are missing out on certain amino acids that you need for optimal muscle building. Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get big. It just means that it’s probably going to take you a much longer time to get the body that you are looking for. For example, if you load up on protein in the form of soy-based or casein protein, your body is not going to synthesize muscles as rapidly as if you have used whey protein.

Whey protein has the right blend of amino acids to effectively boost your body’s ability to create muscle mass. There are many different blends of whey protein out there. You need to pay attention to digestibility. Some protein formulations use soy-based protein. Now, I’m not saying that these are all 100% bad. I’m not saying that this will push you to bodybuilding failure all the time, but if you want to maximize your results, you have to look for a combination of casein and whey. These two components have to be properly formulated. There has to be the right balance between these two components so you can build protein efficiently and quickly.


#2 Creatine

Is creatine a supplement worth taking?

You probably have come across creatine and, like most other would-be bodybuilders, you are probably confused as to its proper role. It is not a protein that synthesizes muscles. Well, creatine is important because it boosts the overall energy you have when you’re doing weightlifting. You have to understand that for you to maximize the muscle mass you have, you have to create tears in your existing muscles. In other words, you need to break them down so your body can then plug them back up with amino acids. That’s how you bulk up. And the best part is you bulk up in a very lean and well-defined way. Creatine plays a major role in this process because you are able to spend more time on the weight machines or swinging dumbbells. The more energy you have at the muscle level, the more punishment your existing muscle mass can take so as to create enough of those millions and millions of tears that actually bulk up your muscle structures.


#3 Caffeine

What is the caffeine supplement benefits?


As important as creatine is, it is often supplemented with caffeine. You probably don’t need an explanation as to what caffeine is. Caffeine boosts your overall energy. It also makes you feel fuller for longer periods of time. When it comes to bodybuilding, caffeine plays an indispensable role because by boosting your energy levels, you are able to put in a lot more time on a workout rack.

Make no mistake about it, putting a tremendous amount of pressure on your muscle mass is going to tire you up. You can get sore, all sorts of aches and pains will appear, and eventually, on a mental level, you would feel like giving up. You want to cut your workout short. This, of course, would lead to you taking a long time to get the body that you’re looking for. By simply loading up on caffeine, you get that massive push you need to take your energy levels to where it needs to be so you can put in a tremendous amount of work at the gym, which can lead to optimal levels of muscle breakdown, regeneration, healing, and bulk.

These are all interrelated, and caffeine is essentially the engine that pushing everything along. Now, the good news is that there are many different blends of caffeine out there. Some hit you like a ton of bricks, while others are time released and are softer on your system. You need to experiment with the different caffeine options out there to get the blend that is just right for your personal physiology. Everybody is different. Some people prefer a quick jolt of caffeine. Others don’t appreciate the energy burst, so they prefer something that operates on a slow release system.


#4 Citrulline Malate

why Citrulline Malate?

Let’s get one thing clear—working out with a tremendous amount of weight pumping iron at the gym is going to be hard on your system. There, I said it. The cat is out of the bag. This actually should be quite obvious. I mean, if you are lifting hundreds of pounds doing many reps, you are going to tire out. And if you have to do this day in, day out, week after week, you can see why a lot of people simply drop their bodybuilding regimen. It’s just too hard on their system.

Well, by proper supplementation with Citrulline Malate, you actually are able to push back against fatigue. Instead of tiring out too early, you’ll be able to weather a lot more punishment. Also, your resting cycles can get shorter and shorter so you can put a lot more pressure on your system and achieve better gains. Citrulline may not be the fuel or gasoline you need like caffeine. Instead, it makes for a great supplemental boost that ensures that you keep coming back to the gym and keep putting in the work instead of quitting due to soreness.





This supplement stands for branched chain amino acids. There are many BCAAS formulations out there. A lot of them are very colourful. A lot of them even taste really good. Make no mistake about it, BCAA is a very powerful supplement because it gets to the root of muscle synthesis. Muscle synthesis is all about building muscles quickly. It’s all about getting you exposed to the right amino acids so your body can get the protein and the muscle mass it needs quickly.

Now, it’s easy to think that all muscles require just a certain range of amino acids. This is not the case. Look for The formulations that have leucine. This is crucial because leucine plays a big role in regulating how quickly your protein degrades and how quickly your body turns it into forms that it can use for optimal repair and muscle building. Not all BCAA formulations are the same. Still, you need BCAA if you want to really turbocharge the rate at which your body builds muscles.


#6 Nitric Oxide



When you are working out, you are putting a lot of pressure on your muscles. This much is obvious. To make that happen in an optimal way, you need a lot of blood and you need it quickly. Blood flow is crucial because it pumps oxygen to your muscle mass which gets tired really quickly. If you play this game the wrong way, you can expend a tremendous amount of energy, thanks to the caffeine in your system, but you quickly run out of fuel. You pump a lot of iron, you put your body through a tremendous amount of punishment, but eventually, you hit a wall because there’s not enough oxygen in your blood. Your system can’t pump a high volume of blood enough. Nitric oxide boosters dilate your body’s overall blood transport system so you will be able to vastly improve your body’s blood flow. This means that you are able to breathe and pump oxygen and send nutrients where they need to go. You would be able to work out for a much longer period of time. Ideally, you should supplement nitric oxide using natural sources like pomegranates, radishes and certain types of beans. However, for some people, this is just not possible, so you need to get the proper nitric oxide boosting chemical formulation to get the results you’re looking for.


#7 Fish Oil

Fish Oil remains one of the main supplement fish oil best supplement

Fish oil is quite a substantial source of a specific type of omega fatty acids. Don’t think that just because you’re eating omega fatty acids that you are eating healthy. You’re not automatically. Seriously. Instead, you should focus on the right fatty acid. Omega 3 fatty acids are the right fatty acids for you.

Why load up on fish oils while you’re working out?.

Well, the omega 3 fatty acids that they contain can enable you to quickly heal from the intense resistance training you subject your muscles too. Remember, there are millions of microscopic tears you produce in your muscle mass so as to get bigger and buffer. These have to be repaired. They burn up a tremendous amount of carbohydrates and they need the right profile of biochemical compounds. Mess this up and it can take much longer for your body to heal itself. Fish oils’ omega 3 fatty acid content goes a long way in ensuring that your body contains inflammation and tends to the muscles that need repairing and restoration. You feel sore for a less period of time. This helps you speed up your recovery process so you can go back to the gym and work out some more to enjoy greater and greater muscle gains.


#8 Glutamine

Does Glutamine help?


Just judging by how some bodybuilders talk about this compound, you might be led to believe that it is absolutely essential. It turns out that this is not an essential amino acid. Let me repeat, this is a non-essential muscle building compound. You can cut this out safely. However, if you are serious about recovering from your weekly workouts in an optimal way, you should load up on glutamine. This compound has been shown to shorten the amount of recovery and muscle repair periods a bodybuilder has to go through. By reducing repair or recovery time, you can get back into the gym, put a lot more work, and achieve greater results. It really all boils down to maximizing the amount of work you can put on your system. It is not a slam dunk. It requires attention to detail and proper supplementation.

Glutamine, although it’s non-essential and it’s not absolutely required, does help you go a long way in ensuring that your body repairs itself well enough for you to go through another round of workouts. Eventually, you get used to it, and you can thank glutamine, for a large part, for this adaptation.

Now .and  after taking all that time reading every single paragraph, paying too much attention .i to see it is not just to let you go without refreshing your mind by this short summary 

Working out for maximum muscle growth requires supplementation in 3 key areas: building mass and size, proper recovery, and boosting energy. All three parts require the proper biochemical compounds for optimal results. When you load up on the protein in your diet, you increase the number of amino acids your body has available to turn into muscle tissue. However, you need to be very careful regarding your protein source because some formulations are more efficient than others. You also have to take note of your recovery timeline. You can’t spend too much time being sore or undergoing healing. The shorter this timeframe, the more you can break down your muscles and build them up to get that very defined, cut and well-toned physique you’ve been looking for. There are supplements that you can take that speed up this healing process. Finally, you should also pay attention to blood flow and other energy-boosting processes. The more blood you have flowing through your muscles, the more oxygen you will have available for optimal strength and energy. Also, when you have a lot more oxygen flowing through your system, you are able to increase your muscle building-stamina. This ensures that you would be able to put enough pressure on your muscle mass to get optimal results. All the three factors in a typical bodybuilding system need attention to detail. They need to flow into each other so as to properly support each other. This is the only way to maximize your results. Accordingly, you should seriously consider adopting proper supplementation.



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