ketogenic versus atkins diet

Atkins vs keto

Thinking About Atkins Vs Keto? GET THE ANSWER

keto vs atkins

Introduction to keto vs atkins diet

Atkins vs keto is one of the classical question that is frequently asked by many low carb dieters, let’s now make things more clearer

Atkins diet is a well-known and practised diet. It is a low carb diet that was formulated by Robert Atkins. The regimen is designed on the theory that restricting carbs could lead to a good amount of weight loss. People adopting atkins diet must avoid foods that are high in carbs but can have any amount of proteins and saturated fats. This diet was criticized for it contained foods that were rich in saturated fats. but later researches proved the theory wrong. Saturated fats do not increase the bad cholesterol and also when you take more of proteins and fat you end up feeling full. This results in reduced appetite and you eating fewer calories facilitating weight loss.

the main phases of Atkins diet are Atkins 20 and 40

Atkins 20: 

Atkins has some phases that the individual passes through to lose weight properly and efficiently. The first phase “phase 1” is Induction which is also known as Atkins 20, which is considered to be the best way to kick start your fat burning process. It mainly involves shifting your dietary habits so that your body can readily accept the upcoming changes in your lifestyle and eating habits. The diet focuses on burning down carbs in the body and lowering them to 20 grams or so. This would eventually lead to burning fat in your body, after which you can add more carbs to your diet.

Atkins 40:

This is the diet plan which allows you to have just 40 grams of carbs for the entire day. It focuses more on fat and protein and cuts down carbohydrates to a significant level. In this diet, you get a wider variety of food options and you can have good foods even while staying on the diet. Atkins 40 is recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, if you 40 pounds or less to lose or if you are looking for better foods in your diet plan. Since you have options to choose from and the steps are pretty simple, you can easily sustain this diet.

How Atkins the special regimen diet Works

The foods that a dieter can take while on this diet can be split into 4 phases. The first one is described as induction when you eat very little carbohydrates. On an average 20 grams per day is permissible. Not eating any amount of carbohydrate is also advisable. The foods that are allowed during the phase should consist of non-starchy vegetable or salads. After the induction phase is the balancing phase during which a small number of carbohydrates can be gradually added to the diet. For starters, one can take about 25 grams per day. Gradually the amount can be increased every day by 5 grams until the body stops to lose weight. Once the dieter achieves, he can subtract 5 grams of carbs from his daily intake. This will keep the weight at a constant.

Next phase in the diet we call it the maintenance or the fine-tuning phase. This phase requires you to ad more carbs until the weight loss slows down. The final phase of the diet program is called the maintenance phase. During this phase, one can eat healthy carbs that would restrict him from regaining the weight.


The allowed and non allowed foods during the Atkins Diet

Need to take care of the types of foods that you eat during the diet and also avoided. Phase wise meal plan of the Atkins diet is as follows.

During the induction phase, it is important to avoid foods like bread, grains, starchy vegetables, fruits, dairy products except for cheese and butter and also alcohol. Add meats like bacon, ham, chicken etc that are not processed with sugar. One can also add shellfishes like mussels and oysters. Use olive oil and margarine that has no trans-fat.

For the balancing phase add whole food carbohydrates like nuts, yoghurt. Strawberries, blueberries, cottage cheese, melon and many more.

Phase 3 of the diet has fruits, starchy vegetables and whole grains. The list of fruits include apples, watermelon, oranges, grapes, kiwi, apricot, etc. Artichokes, carrot, corn, peas, turnips are some of the vegetables that can be added. As for the whole grains, one can include brown rice, cornmeal, quinoa and Oat Bran.

  #foods not allowed in the atkins diet.

fruits: allowed after induction, from phase 2

sugary products cereals and derivatives: bread pasta pastries

vegetable oils: corn rapeseed sunflower

potatoes and sweet potatoes allowed from phase 2

legumes allowed from phase 2 after induction

In the last phase of the diet plan, there is no food restriction but one should avoid or eat in moderation foods that could cause potential weight gain.

  #Bad signs of the Atkins diet

Loss of essential nutrients in the early stages due to lack of vitamins and minerals.

during induction the kidneys suffer a bigger load than normal.

At first you can feel energy loss due to ketosis, although it is true that in the long time the energy levels increase.


Atkins is a very popular and functional diet plan that can help with body and weight issues very easily. However, there are some reasons due to which the diet is not able to affect people to its maximum extent.


reasons why Atkins diet is not working:

  • Non-effectiveness due to sleep cycle and other external factors:

A disturbed sleep cycle is a doorway to many diseases in your body and can be a reason behind your inflated body. However efficient and functional a diet is, it won’t have an effect over you unless your body is ready to take in the changes. Inadequate amount of rest and sleep can slow down your muscular activity and reduce strength. You tend to get tired easily and efficiency decreases manifolds. When on an Atkins diet, you tend to cut down on a lot of carbs which can cause fatigue very easily of adequate rest is not taken. When it comes to fitness and health, stress is another factor that can have an effect on your diet plans and schedules. A person suffering from depression and hypertension tends to stress eat their problems away which has serious effects on your body and health. The individual tends to eat more than regular due to overpowering emotions and fail their diets almost every time. This is why managing stress and sleep becomes an important part of a diet.


  • Have faith in you and your diet:

Following a diet can be overwhelming sometimes, that too if you are not able to see the changes immediately or even after a while. You could be losing weight in the background which won’t be visible to you just yet, but this could be a huge bummer for a beginner. The tip here is to have faith in the diet and exercises you are following and not lose hope. You are bound to see the changes but giving it a while to be visible is the only way out. The amount of time that your body would take to come back to the desired shape would strictly depend on your body type. This is the high time when you have to start believing in yourself and make it happen exactly the way you want. Patience and hard work are the keys to success even in this case. Make sure to follow the diet plan correctly and do not miss any day. Be true to yourself and do not forget to exercise. Try not to think too much as this could develop unnecessary stresses in your mind which could affect your diet. Stress busters like calling a friend or video games can help in such cases.


  • Get to know your body and work accordingly:

A diet and its effects are restricted to the type of body you have. Getting to know how your body works and reacts to stuff would be a better idea if you want your diet to effect quickly. Keep a track of what your body digests quickly and takes it easily. The amount of roughage and nutrients that suit you and what else your body is asking for. Go for a diet that would suit you and is more likely to have an effect on your body. Don’t force any changes like diet and exercise, lifestyle, etc. on your body and mind that are not acceptable for the two at present. This could worsen the situation and make your body weaker. The best way to find out what would be more suitable for your body type is to consult a dietician or paediatrician that would suggest you better and healthy ways to lose weight. They would also suggest you the diet foods which are good for you and which are not. You would also get a fair idea of what your body needs at the present and in what amounts. The correct foods will not only keep you healthy but will also help you lose weight quicker.


  • Stop expecting changes very soon:

As mentioned earlier, physical changes like losing weight take time and expecting them sooner can cause stresses that are not good for your diet. Believe in the diet you are following and the exercises you perform and weight for your body to get back in shape patiently. Over-exercising or eating extra diet food would lead to problems in your diet plan and affect your health as well. Do not get disheartened if you are not able to see the changes just yet. The fat is going away but would take a while to be visible to you. Make sure to keep your exercise and diet routine constant and follow all the instructions provided to you. If you are following everything properly, you are bound to lose weight quickly, provided you are not stressing about it all the time. When you stress out, your body tends to release fat that is stored in it which makes you look even bulkier and leads to failure of your entire diet plan. Stay in touch with your instructor and discuss your routine with them to know if you are doing everything right.

Atkins is a very successful diet plan which helps you a lot if you take care of all the drawbacks mentioned above. Follow Atkins to see better and satisfying results quickly.



The Atkins diet is considered to be one of the effective ways to lose weight. Before starting, ensure that you clear your pantry from all sorts of unhealthy foodstuff. One can find a host of healthy recipes on the internet that will suit this form of diet. well. If you are a vegetarian, add soy-based proteins and plenty of nuts. Olive and coconut oil could serve as the fat source. Get started on the journey of weight loss today.


An Encounter with the Ketogenic Diet.

A Ketogenic diet also called a Keto diet or a low carb diet is widely known around the world as a diet that helps in successful weight loss. The amount of work people put into losing weight has been greatly reduced as this regime makes it easy and natural as it forcefully makes the body utilizes the fat present giving almost magical results.

ketogenic diet food

What Is Ketogenic Diet?

A ketogenic diet, or keto diet has a high consumption of fat, adequate consumption of protein and a low consumption of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates break down into glucose once consumed by the body. The brain is one of the most active parts of the body requires almost one-third of the glucose released.

Hence glucose acts as a kind of fuel for the activity of the brain and in turn the neurons. A ketogenic diet gives fewer carbohydrates to the body which forces the body to burn fat for energy requirements and not uses carbohydrates, replacing the glucose in the body with fatty acids and ketone.

When the brain functions on more ketone it is in a state of ketosis. This low carbs diet even helps children who suffer from Epilepsy as it restricts glucose which is the main fuel to the brain neurons. Most kids who have used this diet in some form or the other have benefited and a lesser strict diet is proving to be quite effective in adults who have epilepsy as well. In adults, the forceful usage of fat present in the body diminished the amount of unnecessary fat that is already present in the body.

Using a ketogenic diet helps people in weight loss, preventing diseases caused by obesity in many. The keto diet may be one of the ways you may lose weight without starving yourself or going through gruelling amounts of exercise and workouts every day in your busy life. Obesity has reached an epidemic position in the world and many people suffer from it. People with obesity have high risks of diseases related to muscles and bones such as arthritis, lower back pain, and many heart-related issues and even cancer. The age-old difficult methods of weight loss can be thrown right out with this very simple yet result in a promising diet.

A keto diet only alters the natural processes of the body, moulding it in a way that is beneficial. This kind of diet helps the physical and mental health of the body along with weight loss. There are various reasons for weight gain. There might be a few psychological reasons which are complicated to solve, but the physiological reasons are the main reason why obesity is rampant. The environment of food has been changing over time and the current trend only leads to the path of obesity. Any person, child or adult would choose fries and burger over vegetables and sandwich and this has but becomes the human tendency nowadays. It is times like these that people require simple diets that show quick results like the ketogenic diet. Unlike many other diet programs, one need not completely stop eating or eat only so much that it drives them to starvation, although there are a few limitations in the ketogenic diet as well it gives you ample choices of food that you will enjoy eating. Some of the foods that can be enjoyed while following this diet are firstly seafood, high in Vitamin D, minerals and omega-3 they are almost completely carb free.

keto seafood plate

The others are low carbohydrate vegetables that contain less or no starch like kale, broccoli, cauliflower, a cup of cooked brussels sprouts. A surprising food in this list is cheese, one ounce of cheese is something that anyone on a diet would be ready to work with. In fact, regular consumption of cheese helps reduce fat in muscles, especially the ones related to ageing. Meat, poultry, eggs, avocados, plain Greek yoghurt are some of the top foods of this diet. Coconut oil which is a non-complicated fat that is easily digestible, olive oil which provides great benefits to the heart, different kinds of berries, nuts, coffee and tea which are not sweetened, dark chocolate and cocoa powder can all be consumed as well. While these foods fasten the process of your weight loss a few may slow the process too. Foods to avoid during the keto diet are quite a few but very mere compared to other diets. Such foods to be avoided are grains like rice, wheat and others, legumes like kidney peas and chickpeas, most fruits, sugars, sugary beverages and starchy items. Processed and packed food is also to be avoided but is better to be avoided completely than just for this diet as they cause harm to the health of an individual.

Who Can Adopt A Keto Diet?.

Anyone with an intention to lead a healthy life can take up this diet but a few conditions have to be either carefully monitored or some conditions require a person not to take up this diet completely. There are two kinds of conditions that have to be taken into account, medical physiological conditions and psychological conditions. • People who take blood pressure medicines have to be carefully monitored by the doctor as the levels may suddenly drop or rise. Even though this is a good sign there could be no harm with extra monitoring that gives safety.

• People who take lithium as a medicine should also be kept under a careful eye. Lithium is normally used in people with depression or as a mood stabilizer for some.

• Women who are going through pregnancy as they have a requirement for more amounts of protein.

atkins and keto and pregnency

• People with a pancreas that do not fully function as it becomes difficult for the body to digest fats in such a situation.

• Those who have a problem with kidney stones as this diet may sometimes recommend a certain level of water restriction and strict salt balance.

• Those who have metabolic disorders that already do not allow the natural breaking down of fat.

• People who have gone through bariatric surgery as fats may be more difficult for them to digest.

• People with anorexia should strictly stay away from this diet. Anorexia deserves a special mention because all the above points do not have to be taken extremely seriously or have to be followed exactly. These above points are just points of caution for those who face these problems to recognise with and choose if they want to take up this diet. People with all the above complications can still take up the ketogenic regimen by professional and consistent supervision but a psychological disorder like anorexia is one everyone has to be most cautious about. Anorexia is a kind of eating disorder that obsesses a person with their weight and what and how much food they eat thus making it quite obvious that taking up any kind of a diet, not just the keto diet is not advisable for them. Following a diet might tempt them into conveniently forgetting the important parts of what to consume compulsorily making it very unhealthy and dangerous which is against the ketogenic diet. With these points in mind, any person could easily proceed to take their first step into the ketogenic diet with positivity.

When Should You Adopt the keto diet?

first of all, if you are not feeling comfortable with what you will be reading next. then better work with your doctor for a very perfect ketogenic programme.

– As discussed before in the article, opting for a ketogenic diet is not a matter of complication at all. Once a person who wants to take up this diet has read all the above factors and made sure of the medical measures he has to take before embarking on this journey, he is good to go! To allow the smooth transition from a normal diet to a keto diet, a few tips and strategies could always be helpful so as to not surprise the body with a sudden change. The first step is to learn the foods that you eat presently and the foods that you are requires to eat once you start the keto diet. By studying the food that you may or may not eat during the diet it will become easier for you to calculate how much of something you can eat. The next tip to smoothly transition into the keto diet is to calculate the net amount of carbohydrates you eat at present. This will help you mentally and physically prepare for the number of carbs that are going to be restricted in your diet. You can also slowly and steadily start making your food habits and environment keto-friendly. This does not mean ditching all the non keto friendly items in a single day but might include small gestures like not buying food of high carbohydrates when you go to the grocery store or avoiding to eat a high carb food for even a small meal and maybe have smaller fixed time periods that you shall follow before walking into the diet. The last step is to but go on the diet itself and stay on it consistently. This would be when you adopt it completely. Following the tips and strategies of before will help a little in staying on the diet once decided as it is not a drastic change to the body or the mind. However, to begin with, you could eat slightly more interesting keto-friendly food to keep you going and once you are used to its transition into a stricter and complete ketogenic diet.

Foods you can pick from when you are on a ketogenic diet

what to eat when on keto diet



  • Olives ● Spinach  ● Cucumber ● Lettuce ● Onions ● Celery ● Leek ● Fruits like strawberries ● Okra ● Peppers Radish    ● Raspberries ● Blackberries ● Blueberries ● Mushrooms  ● Cabbage ● Asparagus ● Brussels sprouts ● Zucchini ● Eggplant ● Broccoli ● Tomatoes.


Finally, if you still cannot avoid alcohol such as beer, red and white wine, and also margarine. don’t expect the magical result of your ketogenic diet as we mentioned in the beginning.

Now make your own comparison, so there will be no thinking about atkins vs keto.