vegan mistakes you should be aware of

5 mistakes vegetarians and vegans should avoid

 vegetarians and vegans, the 5 mistakes you should not make

vegans or vegetarians


It is not easy to find and chose the right diet that will work for you, but after making your decision, there is still something important to do. remember the saying that says “if you want to do something, do it right”. so if you are a kind of vegetarian, put in mind that there are 5 mistakes vegetarians and vegans should avoid

if you have just adopted the vegan or vegetarian diet, you should avoid the following mistakes by taking pieces of advice from your doctors or at least ask a professional dieter.

5 mistakes vegetarians and vegans do without paying attention

#mistake n° 1.

   Relying on processed foods:is the first of the 5 mistakes vegans or vegetarians should avoid

because of our busy lives, many people have not enough time to prepare their meals, so they rely on processed foods, the problem is when you get addicted to such a style of nutrition, you are not getting the nutrients that you would get from whole foods, such as calories …etc.

If you are a vegetarian and getting dairy, I think there is no fear about the rate of your calcium. But if you are a vegan, you need to get a proper plan for your diet.

think about broccoli, collards, black turtle, beans, navy beans, fortified plant milk tahini kale, if you are not eating enough of these foods on a regular basis consider adding them to your diet and if you re stills struggling, then talk to your doctor maybe you will need a calcium supplement.

#mistake n°2.

   ignoring sources of omega-3 fatty acids:

the first thing that strikes in our mind when it comes to omega-3 is fish. But when following vegan or vegetarian, fish is not there on your menu, so should you go without it? or break down your diet plan?.

You can say flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds is the solution, but the problem is, these foods are rich in Ala and not an Epa and DHA which what your body uses, your body can convert Ala to the most usable forms but it is a lot of work and some people don’t do this conversion properly in their bodies no matter how much chia seeds, hemp seeds, or flax they eat.

So, if you find yourself tired and feeling sluggish all day long, it may be a sign of iron deficiency, it is not always true, but asking a doctor is always something good. Remember to mention that you are vegan or vegetarian, and see if you can try algae oil, it comes with preformed EPA and DHA, not ala.

#mistake n°3.

   not getting enough zinc and iron:

Do you know that zinc is important for immune function and for your sense of smell and taste?

Do you know that nails and hair fall problems come from from the lack of zinc? so stay away from all these problems by just making sure you are getting enough zinc,

If your nutrition is missing some of these resources: Cashews, chickpeas, oatmeal, almonds, kidney, beans pumpkin seeds, and peas, make sure to ask your doctor or a professional dieter.

iron is the other issue:

Whatever your diet is, make sure you get enough iron, never think about the number of foods you are eating, but find out if your body absorbs the necessary iron. It is quite clear that vegans and vegetarians get it from a variety of elements such as beans, lentils, quinoa, oatmeal seeds, nuts, fermented soy, peas, and dark chocolate. Now we have the iron sources, so what is the problem then?. The answer is you have to bear in mind that vitamin C is a boost of absorption, by having vitamin C you are going to boost the absorption rate. So never ignore vitamin c in your diet when getting iron.

#mistake n°4.

   missing B12:

Since our body does not store this vitamin, you have to tell your doctor that I am a vegan or vegetarian and I am worried about my B12 levels. just get a test because you know sometimes you just go under, some people no matter how much they supplement cannot absorb B12 properly due to their metabolism system or the mistakes they have no idea about, so their levels are never the optimal levels. So it’s a good idea to get it checked to ask your doctor for advice, sometimes they’ll recommend a B12 injection. conclusion: anyone who makes the choice of the vegetable diet must ensure regular and reliable vitamin B12 intake.

#mistake n°5.

   being too strict and never listening to their bodies:

Sometimes people get too few calories when they change their diet. That is because they are restricting food groups and not necessarily adding other food groups. This may end by a lack or shortage of some necessary vitamins. so make sure you get enough calories and see if it is enough if it is not enough to start to add more calorie-dense foods till you know exactly the required calories per day for your diet.

To sum it up, going for vegans or vegetarians diet ask for a bit of attention, especially when it comes to foods. Dieters should have great background knowledge about vitamins sources.