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diabetic food list

Diabetic food list for diabetes looking for the right diabetic diet meal plan

Diabetic food list, and the diet meal plan for diabetics.       Are you a diabetic patient? Then you must be following the strict guidelines to prevent the illness in the best possible way. what you need now are, a diabetic food list and a diet meal plan. no one can deny that Diabetes […]

Benefits of wheatgrass

What are the benefits of wheatgrass? read to get the answer.     Wheatgrass refers to newly sprouted leaves of the common Wheat plant (Triticum aestivum) and some facts relating to wheatgrass are: • 25-30 ml of fresh wheatgrass juice has the same amount of vitamins and minerals as a kilogram of leafy vegetables do. […]

ketogenic versus atkins diet

Atkins vs keto

Thinking About Atkins Vs Keto? GET THE ANSWER Introduction to Atkins diet Atkins diet is a well-known and practised diet. It is a low carb diet that was formulated by Robert Atkins. The regimen is designed on the theory that restricting carbs could lead to a good amount of weight loss. People adopting atkins diet […]

abs and legs how to work

Legs and abs workouts

YOUR GUIDE TO BOTH LEGS AND ABS WORKOUT   When people hit the gym for doing legs and  abs workout, they usually work out by doing cardio wishing to burn more calories. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. You see a treadmill there or some spinner bikes and you just follow what comes […]

carbohydrates are what you need for your diet

carbohydrates are your keys to successful diet

Why Carbohydrates are the centre of a lot of diets?     What is a low carbohydrates diet? #1. Low carb diets concentrate on drastically reducing carbohydrates. However, some dieticians are convinced that eating a diet consisting of both simple and complex carbohydrates is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Low carb diets concentrate on […]

the health club insurance

Why gym insurance?

  Why  Gym Insurance important for you?     Insurance may simply be described as a social tool to reduce the harmful effects of a risk which is faced by many. People who face similar risks, come together and pool their resources by contributing a little to compensate the one who suffers a loss on […]

vegan mistakes you should be aware of

5 mistakes vegetarians and vegans should avoid

Beware vegan, mistakes are no  jokes   It is not easy to find and chose the right diet that will work for you, but after making your decision, there is still something important to do. remember the saying that says “if you want to do something, do it right”. if you have just adopted the […]

calories per day

Calories per day in a nutshell

Calories per day in an easy way:         Well, it is clear to all of us that a calorie is a unit by which we measure heat and food. calories are not the food themselves, nor the heat. It is just a unit. So, knowing needed calories per day is extremely important. […]

vegetarian diet

lacto ovo vegetarian diet full guide

Introduction to the vegetarian diet:    lacto and ovo lacto are perfect lifestyle to follow for a healthy life In the past days, vegetarianism was considered to be a strange thing and to comment on. But today introduction to a vegetarian diet and food is the words people search for such as  ovo lacto vegetarian. A […]

soul muscle

PSOAS MUSCLE : the soul muscle

Psoas: The Muscle That You Cannot Ignore: Psoas or Soul muscle, both means the same. There is no doubt that The muscles have an elemental role to play in the functioning of the body and it is for this reason that it becomes extremely important to take care of your muscles. such as soul muscle  ” […]