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Wheatgrass Benefits in a short detailed article

 Concerned About WHEATGRASS BENEFITS?  Wheatgrass refers to newly sprouted leaves of the common Wheat plant (Triticum aestivum) and some facts relating to it are: • 25-30 ml of fresh wheatgrass juice has the same amount of vitamins and minerals as a kilogram of leafy vegetables do. Now let’s dig deeper to discover some wheatgrass benefits […]

The low carbs diet terms

    Terms Frequently Used in the Low Carbs Diet:   There are many terms thrown around in the low carb diets, and the definitions may not be clear to everyone. So in this article, we are doing our best to make the most used terms as clear as possible. As a low card diet […]

carbohydrates and low carbs diet

    Low Carbohydrates Diets, Things You Need to Know Before Starting:     What is a low carbohydrates diet? Low carb diets concentrate on drastically reducing carbohydrates. However, some dieticians are convinced that eating a diet consisting of both simple and complex carbohydrates is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Low carb diets concentrate […]

vegetarian diet

5 mistakes vegetarians and vegans should avoid

REASONS WHY VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS SHOULD ASK THEIR DOCTORS:   It is not easy to find and chose the right diet that will work for you, but after making you decision, there is a still something important to do. remember the saying that says ” if want to do something, do it right”. if you […]

Calories per day in a nutshell

Calories per day in an easy way:   Well, it is clear to all of us that a calorie is a unit by which we measure heat and food. calories are not the food themselves, nor the heat. It is just a unit. So, knowing needed calories per day is extremely important. Some need to […]

vegetarian diet

lacto ovo vegetarian diet full guide

Introduction to the vegetarian diet:    lacto and ovo lacto are perfect lifestyle to follow for a healthy life In the past days, vegetarianism was considered to be a strange thing and to comment on. But today introduction to a vegetarian diet and food is the words people search for such as  ovo lacto vegetarian. A […]

soul muscle

PSOAS MUSCLE : the soul muscle

Psoas: The Muscle That You Cannot Ignore: Psoas or Soul muscle, both means the same. There is no doubt that The muscles have an elemental role to play in the functioning of the body and it is for this reason that it becomes extremely important to take care of your muscles. such as soul muscle  ” […]

tips on drinking water

Water and other tricks to lose fat faster

lose weight with water and excess fat !!!   Getting rid of extra fat is usually a tough task and can take a while depending on each one metabolism . Yes, I say it a hard task, and it involves much time .so, if it is so, what water can do in such a case. […]

reason to hire trainer

Hire a personal trainer

reasons to hire a personal trainer?     With this fast moving and advanced lifestyle, we all need to make sure we maintain a proper body in order to remain fit and healthy. Here are some good reasons as to why one must hire a  personal  trainer and the benefits that he or she  offer […]


fitness trainer certification

  fitness trainer certification and courses, is it necessary? Role of a  certified fitness trainer if you want to certified personal trainer. A fitness trainer is a person who guides his or her clients on the fitness programs to which they enrol themselves and hence uses his or her own knowledge, skills and abilities to plan […]