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is any fitness app worth downloading?

Before choosing one of the so many fitness application that your store provides fitness buffs like you, we suggest that you do some serious thinking on this matter in order to make the right decision.

Try your app first  

So huge is the amount of fitness apps that are providing the same features that lead to no clear decision at the end. So, the right and easy solution is you try the apps as long as they are free. And when you get satisfied with you were provided as features, then do upgrade.

So do not let yourself get trapped by the commercial names game. Read reviews, see the number of downloads, when first released, users problems and reviews

Price is a consideration 

Of course, no one can throw his money away without a single benefit, the same thing is for you.

If the app is not free and there is no way to get it .your only choice is :

get yourself completely informed and see if it is the only one that suits you best. and meet your needs.

Pick your fitness app and reveal your wellness


Here is a list of 5  fitness apps that a lot of fitness fans are addicted to.

# 1 Sworkit:

What makes sworkit a unique fitness app?

If you want to create your own workouts from a list of over 275 exercises that sworkit provide to their users, then you are one of the million people who trusted this incredible app. It gives you the chance to pick the length of the exercise starting from five minutes up to 60 minutes. It has a very easy interface that anyone can quickly get familiar with.

Sworkit is not only an app, But It is also something more beyond, It is your real personal trainers and gym centre on your device. you can practice anytime, anywhere. The app comes with the free trial and the pro version, so, You still got the chance to try this app as long as your device is within reach. Either it is iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Android device or web browser.

Whatever it is written about any app, your own personal experience remains the trustful judge, so, read and give a try


What does strava mean before it popped up as a fitness app?

In brief, STRAVA is a Swedish word that means strive, and from its meaning, you can get an idea about what will provide as features.

When we talk about strava we address the message to runner and cyclist, the message will be clear if they know that it is the fitness app that Tracks and analyze every aspect of their activity.

This application is ideal for both motivation and interacting with a community of fitness enthusiasts. If you’re looking for an app that combines motivation with interaction and planning then STRAVA is there to fulfil your goal. Strava is a free mobile app that provides high-quality curated content that inspires more physical activity. It also has tracking ability that allows users to track fitness activities and measure progress made over time. One can also engage with an active community of fitness enthusiasts on Strava. Available on both store app store and play store, GPS watches and head units.

# 3 Yoga Studio:

The yoga studio is not any application among the many fitness apps on the online stores

What value can yoga studio app add you? To make the answer short and clear, yoga is famous for its mental fitness, so, if you are already a yoga practicer surely you know what mental boosting is .if not this your opportunity to discover this app Need a personal trainer to help practice more yoga exercises, and then try Yoga Studio. This particular app offers about 70 yoga and meditation classes of varying length, from 5 minutes to one hour. The classes are well explained, and users can proceed from one move to another seamlessly with the instructions. Yoga Studio also allows users to customize the moves to their preferred area and incorporate them into their schedules for syncing yoga sessions into their calendars. Yoga Studio is a platform that provides the support every yoga lover needs to maximize the benefits of yoga, even offering tutorials on over 200 yoga moves. 


# 4 J&J Official 7 Minute Workout:

Are those few minutes enough for a beneficial fitness workout?

Well, workout   is an effective way of staying in the best shape and living a healthy life. Most times, without help and guidance, you can get lost in your fitness routine or even lose interest in it. Fitness and health plans require commitment and dedication. But some people find it hard to go on, so they stop at any time they feel it a disgusting routine. But what if the workout brings joy and fun ?.

If it is the case then let me introduce you to Chris Jordan, and his fitness app the “J&J Official 7 Minute Workout:“. Chris Jordan designed this workout app to provide quick effective workout sessions for total aerobic fitness. Users can head straight into the 7-minute workout session that is based on research on circuit training and HIIT or combine it with a short warm-up session that makes it 9.07 minutes which is enough to let your heart pump up and burning calories when you’re breathing. J&J Official 7 Minute Workout also offers tutorials to get users through the exercise routines and carry them out safely. This app is free and available for Android and iOS.

# 5 Lose it:

If it is named” lose it” I can say don’t miss it!

If you really want to attain your fitness goals, do not count and lay only on exercises. One should be familiar with the food he or she eats, Besides that, your personal trainer would be concerned about the nutritional information of the food you eat,  if none of you could do that in a very accurate way,  “lose it” is there to do the job. This app will not only track your activities but also track your food.

Lose it! Allows its user to get himself informed about any product, or food item by scanning its barcode. That way, one is sure of what a particular ingredient does and does not contain. This free app also offers motivation to help you stay true to your fitness goals, just like a real-life personal trainer. Try it and discover more



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