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the health club insurance

Why gym insurance?

  Why  Gym Insurance important for you?     Insurance may simply be described as a social tool to reduce the harmful effects of a risk which is faced by many. People who face similar risks, come together and pool their resources by contributing a little to compensate the one who suffers a loss on […]

vegan mistakes you should be aware of

5 mistakes vegetarians and vegans should avoid

Beware vegan mistakes are not  jokes   It is not easy to find and chose the right diet that will work for you, but after making you decision, there is a still something important to do. remember the saying that says ” if  you want to do something, do it right”. if you have just […]

calories per day

Calories per day in a nutshell

Calories per day in an easy way:         Well, it is clear to all of us that a calorie is a unit by which we measure heat and food. calories are not the food themselves, nor the heat. It is just a unit. So, knowing needed calories per day is extremely important. […]


fitness trainer certification

  fitness trainer certification and courses, is it necessary? Role of a  certified fitness trainer if you want to certified personal trainer. A fitness trainer is a person who guides his or her clients on the fitness programs to which they enrol themselves and hence uses his or her own knowledge, skills and abilities to plan […]

gain your muscles


Your guide to Gain muscle fast Gain muscle fast simply involves lining up the right practices and inputs. It is not impossible. You just have to have a plan. You also have to be both systematic and methodical about it. You can’t just jump in with both feet and hope for the best. That’s not going […]